Teenager's Bedroom

Well, the term 'teenager' might be a bit harsh I suppose. This was for a 17-year-old boy who wanted a light and airy bedroom where he could both work and sleep. The room had fairly limited space and is square in shape, so a good layout was key. We created this floating corner desk - tucking away the 'work' element of the room and freeing up under-desk storage. We went big with this impressive Ikea bed - which really adds impact to the room (as well as storage space underneath).

In terms of colours, they needed to be fairly neutral yet masculine. We kept the walls white, as it's a lovely light room and that needed to be taken advantage of! Then we added touches of grey and burnt orange through the furnishings. The room looks great now - we managed to fit everything in, and still achieve a feeling of space and balance.

Completed Summer 2020

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