Oxfordshire Art Weeks 2020

Although sadly Oxfordshire art weeks might not be happening this year, we'll be popping up in the windows at K is for kitchen from time to time to bring some butterfly joy!

Working with my brother, George, we have combined our passions of 3D printing and embroidery. Our pieces incorporate the new technology of 3D printing with traditional embroidery, creating sustainable yet stylish designs for the home. Our pieces celebrate our local nature and environment - and better still, are all fully biodegradable.

Such is the beauty of 3D printing - the bioplastic used in the process comes from fermented plant starch, such as corn. Which means that it's biodegradable at the end of its life. With a vast knowledge of 3D printing behind him, George has created and printed his own designs, which have been embellished with embroidery.

One of these is our butterflies series - George has designed and 3D printed a bioplastic butterfly, fused with fabric to create its wings. Skilfully printed as one piece, its body is slightly articulated, allowing some movement. The natural calico fabric wings provide the perfect base for added embroidery. Although embroidery is a more traditional medium, my stitching is loose, modern and artistic - something which I have enjoyed developing for over a decade. I've created my own interpretations of the butterflies that you'd find around South Oxfordshire from May onwards - each with their own distinctive pattern and story. And since our butterflies are made from natural-based materials, just like the real butterfly - it can biodegrade at the end of its life.

So have a look inside the windows at K is for kitchen and see if you can spot a butterfly!