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Affordable Interior Design


 An original blend of rural Oxfordshire and contemporary Scandinavia, which makes the best use of your space, storage and budget.

Every design is tailored to the client - whether they want a calm space with a touch of

Scandi or an eclectic mix to bring a room to life. But in every space, I bring the perfect 

balance of modern and old, pattern and texture, all with pops of colour - and

a touch of Scandinavian design.


Need help refreshing your style, optimising your space and turning your home into a beautiful place?

As our lives are increasingly spent at home, it's crucial for our spaces to be practical, multi-purpose, and most importantly, provide a sanctuary. 

Although I offer a complete service package, you can use as little or as much as you want. Whatever your budget, you'll get a fresh set of eyes and professional interior advice, transforming your home into a stunning space that really works for you.  

Based in Watlington in Oxfordshire, I am currently offering virtual design appointments and special offers until August 2021.